1501+ Best Fake Loan App List 2023 | RBI Banned Loan App List PDF

Fake Loan App List 2023: RBI Banned Loan App List PDF – At the present time, most people in the world prefer to take loans from online loan applications because it gives loans with fewer documents and less verification required in taking online instant personal loans in 2023. If you see then you will find the increasing inflation in the world, that’s why many times we need money, in this case, we need help either from the bank or the finance company.

In today’s time, every day launched new loan applications on the Google Play Store, and there are some safe and some are completely fake applications. Today in this article, we will provide you with the Fake Loan App List 2023, and Fraud Loan App List 2023 from which you should not take a loan.

Fake Loan Apps List: We researched for the last few months on the Fake Loan App List & Fake Instant Loan Apps List, so some results we provide for you in this article.

Today we will provide you a list of all RBI Fake Loan Apps list from which you do not have to apply for a loan.

After reading the RBI guidelines, we have come to the result that how people fall prey to loan applications, so let’s know about it-

Fake Loan App List 2023

Recently released data of Fake mobile application has misused the data of more than 50 lakh people. And more people have been blackmailed in the name of giving online loans.

The crime branch has provided a list of such fraudulent fake loan app lists, and the police have urged all people, even if have downloaded these applications on your mobile, then uninstall them immediately.

The Indian government has recently banned 94 loan applications along with 138 betting apps and websites.

Fake Loan App List Banned In India 2023

Recently the Reserve Bank of India has taken a huge action, under which a team is working to completely remove fake loan applications from the Google Play Store so that People should not be cheated, so RBI has prohibited taking a loan from such fake loan apps which are not approved by RBI and NBFC.

The Reserve Bank of India has banned some such fake loan applications which were earning money by selling people’s data in the name of giving loans, here we provide the names of those applications which are mentioned below.

At present time the number of fake loan applications listed on the Google Play Store is increasing day by day, here we have provided a list of some such fake loan applications which do not give you a loan but store your data and then blackmail you.

Even If you take a loan from these fraud loan applications, then you may face many problems in the future, here we provided more than 1500 such FAKE LOAN APP LIST from where you do not have to apply for a loan.

List Of Fake Loan Apps Banned In India 2023: RBI has issued a list of Fake Loan App under this Cash Machine Loan, Pay For Minute Cash, Fast Paisa, More Cash, Cash Book, Hand Cash Friendly Loan, Belono Loan, Coco Loan, Reliable Rupee Cash, Early Credit App, Eagle Cash Loan App, Cash Carry App, Cash Park, Rich Cash all these apps are included

When we need money, we start searching online that how to take a loan, and how to get a loan online.

If something has happened to you that you are in dire need of money immediately and you directly opened the Google Play Store and typed Instant Loan Apps in the search box there, I know that

There you would have got to see many results, but sometimes sensible people also get cheated and get trapped in the clutches of fake loan applications.

Fake Loan Apps force people to download their applications by giving tempting offers, keeping in mind that people who need money give their personal information on these applications.

By the way, an online loan-giving mobile application is present in the market, which gives you the facility to give instant loans, to friends, now we are going to tell you about those apps which have been banned in India by the Reserve Bank of India, let’s go through that list.

Fake Loan App List In India

Fake Loan App List
Fake Loan App List
Sr. no.Fake Loan App Name
1Cash advance app
2Cash fish app
3Cash light app
4Cash ray app
5Cash room app
6Cash tree app
7CB loan app
8Store Loan
9Matero Finance
10Cash host
12Mobile cash
13Easy credit
14Money tree
15Loan fortune
16Rupee smart
17Flash rupee
18Zo zo Cash
19Cash Park
20Live Cash
21Sun cash
22Income loan
23Unit Cash
24Bright Cash
25Magic money
26Sunny loan
27Royal cash
28Sharp corn
29Marvel cash
31Cash fish
32Voice loan
33Rupeek buzz
34Rupeek fenta
35Money pocket
36M pocket
37Express loan
38Hu cash
39Loan dream
40Apple cash
41Cash colla
42Fash rupee
43Rupee salam
44HD credit app
45HDB loan app
46Infinity cash app
47Kredit mango app
48Kredit marvel app
49Minute cash app
50Fast rupee
Rupee Pro
51Money muthual
52Cash cow
53One loan easy loan
54Quality cash
55Time loan
newgifico How To Get Loan From HiKredit Loan App 2023
56Rupeek cash
57Pub cash
58Basket loan
59Money lander
60Bright money
61Cash magic
62guru loan app
64Easy brave
65Money standup
66Gold loan app
67Cash go
68Funny happen
69India AI Credit Cash Loan
70Cash Advance
71Rupee Loan
72Rupiya company
73Credit buzz
74Orange Loan
75Small Loan
76Flip cash
77Just money
78Money Master
79Easy loan
80Rupee Online
81Ob cash loan
82Royal able rupee cash
83Koko cash
84Fast cash
85Money box
86More cash
87Monday money app
88UPA Loan
89Goldman Payback
90Handy loan
92Mi Rupe
93One Loan Cash Any Time
94Express Loan
95Loan Dream
96Rupee Loan
97Flash Loan Mobile
98Rupee Star
99Wow Rupee
100Cash Park Loan
101Hoo Cash
102First Cash
103Clear Loan
104Rupee Box
105Small Loan
106Rich Loan Go
107Asan Loan
108Live Cash
109Fast Rupee
110Loan Fortune
111Cash Pocket
112Insta Loan
113Apna Paisa
114Coin Rupee
115Cash Advance
116Cash Papa
117Loan Cube
118Hand Cash
119Loan Home Small
120I Credit
121Wen Credit
122Samay Rupee
123Lend Mall
124Silver Pocket
125Bharat Cash
126Money Master
127Easy Loan
128Warn Rupee
129Handy Loan
130Lucky Wallet
131UPO Loancom
132Bud Loan
133Cash Mine
134Tyto Cash
135My Cash Loan
136Simple Loan
137Cash Machine Loan
138For Pay
139Minute Cash
140Fast Paisa
141More Cash
142Cash Book
143Hand Cash Friendly Loan
144Bellono Loan
145Koko Loan
146Reliable Rupee Cash
147Early Credit App
148Eagle cash loan App
149Cash Carry App
150Cash park
151rich cash
152fresh loan
153Betwinner betting
154Rupee mall
156Minute cash
157Bus rupee
158ob cash loan
160Kash loan
161Small Loan
162Rupiya bus
163Insta money
164Faith Loan
165loan cube
166I karza 
167money stand pro
169Quality Cash
170loan loji
171Forpay app
173Dream loan
174cash star miniso rupee
Rish Cash Fast Loan
176fortune now
177credit wallet
178pocket bank
180Fast coin
181star loan
182Easy Credit 
183ATD lone
184tree lone
185Balance lone
186cash bowl
187Cash curry
188cash machine
189cash pocket live Cash
190Cash Cola
192koko loan
193Loan Resource(disi)
194Cash Hole
195Easy Borrow Cash loan
196IND loan
197Wallet Payee
198Cash Guru App
199Gold Cash
200Orange Loan
201Angel Loan
202Loan Sathi
203Sharp Loan
204Daily Loan
205Sky Loan
206Mo Cash
207Jo Cash
208Best Paisa
209Hello Rupee
210Holiday Mobile Loan
211Phone pay
212Plump Wallet
213Cashcarry Loan App
214Crazy Cash
215Quick Loan App
216Rocket Loan
217Rupee Magic
218Rush Loan
219Bellono Loan App
220Agile Loan app
221Cash advance 
222Income OK
223Cash manager
224Cash Advance Atach
225Cash Manager
226Cash Advance T1
227Dhan Pal
228Personal Loan App
229Honey Loan
230Eulavt App
231Rupeeredee Loan App
232Money Ladder
233Magic Money
234Fortress Loan App
235Cash Host
236Elephant Cash
237Rupee pocket
238Mobipocket app
239Papa money app
240PP money app
241Raise cash app
242RAw loan app
243Rupee loan app
244Rupees master app
245Ruppes land app
246Under process
247Well Kredit app
248Volcano Loan
249Aladdin Lamp
251Honey Loan App
252Lucky Loan App
254Rapid Paisa
255Easy Rp
256Ok Rupee Loan App
257Rupee Papa
258Credit Pearl
259May Loan
260Cash Credit
261Ariaeko Lone
263Yes Cash
264Easy Barrow Loan App
265Credit Loan
266Marvel Loan
266Fri Loan
269Handey Loan
270Money View App
271Get Cash
272PradhanmantriYojna Loan
273Fexli Loan
274Cash Samosa
275Es Loan
276Flash Loan App
277Top Cash
278Cash Station
279My Kredit
280Infinity Cash
281Link Money
282More Loan
283Hi Credit App
284Gold Sea
285Magicc Loan
286Pillai Loan
287Marwel Loan Baba
288Minutes In Cash
289Discover Loan App
290Hello Box
291Wallaby App
292Cash Cow
293E Paisa
294Shuttle Loan
295Monney Tank
296Mama Loan
297Rainbow Loan
298Yes Rupees
299Crystal Loan
300Honey Loanin
302Manta Cash
303O Cash
304Cash Light
305Jasmine Loan App
306Arak Loan
307Fast Cash Only Loan
308Sugar Money
309Wow Rupee
310Cash Park Loan
311Lend Moll
313Hi Cash
314UPA Loan
315Asan Loan
316Apna Paisa
317Coin Rupee
318Bharat Cash
319My Cash Loan
320Simple Loan
321Silver Pocket
322Cash Machine Loan
323Minute Cash
324Cash Book
325Rupee mall
327Cash Carry App
328loan loji
329Forpay app
330Quality Cash
331Wallet Payee
332Cash Guru App
333Cash Cola
33466 cash
335koko loan
336Easy Credit
337tree lone
338Beloan App
339INS Loan
340Asan Loan
341Go Cash
342Flip cash
343Rupee Wallet
344Go Go loan
345Rupee King
346Fast Rupee
347Easy Credit Loan
348Fast cash or Cash Fast
349Cash Cola
351Magic money loan
352Star loan
353Ok rupee loan
355Credit wallet
356Money tree
357Cash pocket
358Small credit
359Yes rupee
360Hello rupee
361Cash room
362In cash
363 Cash lion
364 Cash era
365Lucky wallet
366 Rupee pus
367 Coco cash 
368Indian loan 
newgifico How To Get Loan From Rich Cash Loan App 2023
369Credit day
370 Credit finch
371 Tap credit
372  Cash port
373 Smile loan 
374Cash Today 
375Lucky rupee
376 Go cash 
377Snapit loan
378 Quick cash 
379Panda rupees 
380Play cash 
384Eulavt Loan App
385 Micredit 
386Quick credit
387 Cashon
388 Rupees plus 
389Rupee now
390 Elephant loan
391 Loan zone  
392Ant cash 
393Quick money 
394 Alp cash
395UPA Loan 
396Goldman Payback 
397Handy Loan 
399Mi Rupay 
400One Loan Cash Any Time 
401Express Loan 
402Loan Dream 
403Rupee Loan
404 Flash Loan Mobile 
405Rupee Star
406 Wow Rupee 
407Cash Park Loan 
408Who Cash
409 First Cash 
410Clear Loan
411Rupee Box 
412Chhota Loan 
413Get Rich 
414Loan Go
415 Asana Loan
416 Live Cash
417 Fast Rupee 
418Loan Fortune 
419Cash Pocket
420 Insta Loan
421 Apna Paisa 
422Coin Rupee 
423Cash Advance 
424Cash Papa 
425Loan Cube
426 Hand Cash 
427Loan Home Small
428 Eye Credit 
429Wayne Credit
430 Samay Rupee
431 Lend Mall 
432Silver Pocket 
433Bharat Cash 
434Money Master 
435Easy Loan 
436Warne Rupee 
437Smart Coien 
438Lucky Wallet 
439UPO Loan.com 
440Buddy Loan 
441Cash Mine 
442Tyto Cash
443 My Cash Loan 
444Simple Loan 
445Cash Machine Loan 
446Pay For Minute Cash
447 Fast Paisa 
448More Cash 
449Cash Book 
450Hand Cash Friendly Loan
451Belono Loan
452Coco Loan 
453Reliable Rupee Cash
454 Early Credit App 
455Eagle Cash Loan App 
456Cash Carry App 
457Cash Park
458 Rich Cash 
459Fresh Loan 
460BetWinner Betting 
461Rupee Mall Sun Cash 
462Minute Cash 
463Bus Rupee 
464Ob Cash Loan
465 Onstream 
466Kash Loan
467 Small Loan 
468Rupiah Bus
469 Insta Money 
471Loan Cube 
472I Karza 
473Money Stand Pro 
475Kwality Cash
476Loan Loji 
477Fourpay App
478 RupeePlus 
479Dream Loan
480 Cash Star Miniso Rupee 
482Fortune Now 
483Credit Wallet 
484Pocket Bank
485 Loanzone
486Fast Coin
487 Star Loan 
488Asan Credit 
489ATD Loan 
490Tree Loan 
491Balance Loan 
492Cash Bowl
493 Cash Curry 
494Cash Machine 
495Cash Pocket Live Cash 
496Cash Cola 
49766 Cash 
498Coco Loan
499 Loan Resource (DIC) 
500Cash Hole 
501Easy Borrow Cash Loan
502 Ind Loan 
503Wallet Payee 
504Cash Guru App 
505Gold Cash
506Orange Loan
507 Angel Loan 
508Loan Saathi 
509Sharp Loan 
510Daily Loan 
511Sky Loan 
512Mo Cash 
513Joe Cash 
514Best Paisa 
515Hello Rupee
516Holiday Mobile Loan 
518 Plump Wallet 
519CashCarry Loan App 
520Crazy Cash 
521Quick Loan App 
522Rocket Loan
523 Rupee Magic 
524Rush Loan 
525Bellono Loan App 
526Agile Loan App 
527Cash Advance 1 
528Income Value

Note:- These fake loan applications provide online loans to blackmail you into the matter of giving online loans. That’s why don’t apply for loans from these mobile applications and it is very careful need to see if you use an instant loan mobile application.

 JOJO Cash Loan AppSahukar Loan App
Aadhar Card Loan AppVizzve Loan App
 Lend Mall Loan AppCashsalon Loan App

138 Chinese Apps Banned in India List 2023

Chinese Apps Banned In India List: Recently India has started removing all those loan apps which were charging interest rates up to 2000% from the people, out of which 138 betting apps and 94 loan apps have been banned by the Indian Governor.

Sr. No.Ban 138 Applications
11xBet: sports betting
322Bet: Live Sports Betting
43 Lucky Casino
53patti Guide
64rabet App
8AndarBahar Poker
9Anubis Treasure
10Avia Pilot
13Best Bet Casino™ Slot Games
14Bet Analytix
15Bet O Bet-Live Sports Betting
16Bet On Sports
17Bet On Sports
18Bet Winner-Popular online game
19Betfair Live Line
22betM – Sports Betting Tool
23betM – Sports Betting Tool
24BetMines Betting Predictions
25BetNetix: Football Betting
27BetQL – Sports Betting Data
28Betstamp – Sports Betting Hub
29Betting Tips
30Betting Tips
31Betting United: Betting Tips
32BettingPros: Sports Betting
33BETUP – Sports Betting Game
34BetVictor Bet
36Betway – Live Sports Betting
37BetWiser – Best Betting Odd
38Big Winner – Lucky Wheel
39Bingo Crown – Fun Bingo Games
40Bingo Party – Lucky Bingo Game
41Blackjack Live
42Block Online Gambling – Gamban
44Cashman Casino Las Vegas Slots
45Casino Real Money: Win Cash
46Casumo Casino
47Casumo Online Games: Extended
48Casumo Slots
49Come On
50Crash Rocket Gambling
51CRICKET ΒΕΤЅ | All Cricket Βеt
52Cricket: Sports Betting
53DAFABET – 2022
54Divine Fortune 2
55DoubleU Casino™ – Vegas Slots
56Enchanted Island
57Europa Casino
58Football Betting Tips & Odds
61Genesis Casino
62Golden Slots
63Grand Mondial
64Grand Mondial Casino
65Happy 3Patti
67Jackpot City Casino
68ladbrokes odds&tips
69Lagai Khai Pro
70Lagai Khai Pro – Betting Game
71Live Baccarat
72Live Bet Zlive
73Live Blackjack (Blackjack 21: Live Casino game)
74London Betting Tips
76Lotus 365
77Lucky slots -casino VIP
78Lucky Star Slots-Vegas Casino
79Ludo Vungo
80Match Book App
84myVEGAS Bingo – Bingo Games
85NEO.Bet App
86Onside Sports: Scores, Live Od
87OPPA 888
88Papel Betting Tips
89Parimatch: Live Sports Betting
90PariPesa App
91Pikkit: Sports Bet Tracker
92Play To Win: Win Real Money
93PokerStars: Texas Holdem Games
94Pure Win
96Record Trade
97Rich Club
98Roulette Online
99Royal Panda 
100Royal Vegas
103Satta King: Satta Matka Result
104SattaMatka Fix Game
105Scores And Odds Sports Betting
107SI – Betting tips
108Silver Luck
109Slots Machines – Vegas Casino
110Spin Casino
111Spin casino: Slot machines
112Spin for Cash!-Real Money Slot
113Sports Betting for Real
114Sports Betting Game – BETUP
115Sports Betting Picks & Tip App
116Sports Betting™ the Sportsbook
117Super Slot – Win Cash
118SuperDraft Sportsbook – Prizes
119Teen Patti Bhoomi: Patti Poker
120Teen Patti Dhamal
121Teen Patti Guide
122Teen Patti Kash
123Teen Patti Lucky Gold
124Teen Patti Romio
125TipsterMan – Betting Tips
126Tivit Bet App
128Vegas Royal
129VegasInsider Sports Betting
130Videoslots Fun
131Virtual Sports Betting Predict
132WagerLab Bet on Sports & Props
133Wheel of Fortune
134william Hill App
136Zet Casino
137Zodiac Casino
138Zodiac Casino

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Fake Instant Loan App List 2023

Sr. No.Fake Loan List
1Beloan App
2Go Cash
3Go Go loan
4INS Loan
5Asan Loan
6Fastcash/ Cash Fast
7 Flipcash
8Rupee Wallet
9Rupee King
10Fast Rupee
11Easy Credit Loan
12Cash Cola
13Infinity q
15Agile loan
17Credit wallet
18OB cash loan
19Onstream App
20Money tree
21Discover loan
22Cash pocket
23Hello rupee
24Small credit
25Moneyhouse/Crystal loan
26Fresh loan
27Cash room
28Pesin Bee
29Life stream loan
30Star loan
31Yes rupee
32Eslite loan
33Ariaeko loan
34Fast coin/ cash advance
35Lucky rupee/quick loan/bike loan/cash market/money loan
36Fair credit loan
37Ok rupee loan
38Hone loan/rupee tiger/geta cash/little borrow/rich cash
39Rupee spark
40More cash/fish loan
41Flash rupee
42Dhani loan
43Magic money loan
44Money voult
45Instant loan/ Dutta loan bike loan/ mobile loan

Fraud Loan App List 2023

Sr. No.App name
2Vn card
3Money more
4One loan
5Cash on
7Cash guru
8World money
9Rupee plus
10Fast rupee
11Cash bazaar
13Easy loan
14V cash
15Cash bowl mobile
16Rupee click
17Cash now
18Catch cash
19Cradit me
20Easy click
21Cash cow
22Flex salary

RBI Banned illegal Loan Apps List 2023

Sr. No.RBI Banned Loan App
1Fast cash/Cash Fast 
2Flep cash 
3Rupeed Wallet
4 Rupees King 
5Fast Rupey 
6Easy Credet Loan
7 Caesh Cola
8 Infinity kola app 
9Sunshine credit app 
10Credit waellet 
11Money trep 
12Cash pockets 
13 Hello rupees 
14Small credits 
15Cash room 
16Star loan  
17Yes rupees 
18Ok rupees loan 
19and Magic money loan
20In cash  
21Cash lion 
22 Cash era  
24Lucky wallet 
25Rupee pus 
26Coco cash
27 Indian loan 
28Credit day 
29Credit finch 
30Tap credit  
31Cash port 
32Smile loan 
33Cash today
34 Lucky rupee 
35Go to cash App 
36Snapit loan 
37Quick cash 
38Panda rupees 
39Play cash  
45Quick credit 
47 Rupees plus 
48Rupee now
49 Elephant loan 
50Loan zone  
51Ant cash  
52Quick money
53Alp cash  
54Altn loan App 
55super cry loan app.

Rbi Fake Loan App List

  • Flash rupee
  • Zo zo Cash
  • Cash Park
  • Live Cash
  • Sun cash
  • Marvel cash
  • Mobikquick
  • Cash fish
  • Voice loan
  • Rupeek buzz
  • Income loan
  • Unit Cash
  • Bright Cash
  • Magic money
  • Sunny loan
  • Royal cash
  • Sharp corn

Fake Loan App List 2023 FAQs

RBI Banned NBFC List

Recently, RBI has also banned the facility of credit line loans and pay letter loans to many NBFC companies. Out of which the services of other companies like Postpay, Slicepay, etc have been removed.

Fake Loan Ko Dekhete Hi Kaise Pahechane

To spot a fake loan, check the spelling of that application on the Google Play Store. If correct spelling is found then it is a genuine app and if even a single global mistake is found then it is a fake application.

Disclaimer:- We do not promote any loan app, we just provide the information that how to get a loan from this type of app very easily. We suggest you after taking any loan you need to know about the loan company and its guidelines. Because in today’s more fake loan applications are available in the market so you should know which loan app is real or which loan app is fake.
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